Precision and quality with CNC machining.

Our enhanced crankshaft housings, crafted from robust hardened steel, surpass the durability of standard alloy/cast iron housing. These housings have been rigorously tested under extreme loads, far exceeding typical requirements, ensuring that your engine functions safely and efficiently with added reliability.

CNC machined Subaru EE20 engine block with new OEM crankshaft.

Engine block - Short block - Long block

We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, including a CNC machined engine block, an assembled short block complete with new OEM crankshaft and bearings, or a fully assembled long block equipped with new internal components. Each option is designed to cater to different levels of requirement and preference.



  • CNC machined engine block with  robust hardened steel crankshaft housing.



  • CNC machined engine block with   robust hardened steel crankshaft housing;
  • OEM crankshaft with OEM crankshaft bearings;
  • assembled short block;



  • CNC machined engine block with robust hardened steel crankshaft housing;
  • OEM crankshaft with OEM crankshaft bearings;
  • OEM piston rings;
  • timing chain kit;
  • new seals and gaskets;
  • assembled long block;


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a 2-year guarantee on all engines and parts, and there are no mileage limitations.

Do you require my old engine back?

Yes, our remanufactured engines are sold on an exchange basis, so we will need your old engine in return.

How can I send my old engine back to you?

Once your old engine is ready for return, we will arrange a pickup date with a courier service.

Do I need to cover the cost of returning my old engine?

No, you won't have to worry about that. We take care of the return delivery, and there are no additional costs for you.

Is a security deposit necessary?

No, we do not require any security deposit when you exchange your old engine with us.

What our customers say

Michel Beckers (Belgium)

Very Very pleased with the service. Everything as described, even needed a few extras witch wasn't a problem. Thanks a lot guys.

Richard Starrett (Spain)

good company to deal with. sent me a reconditioned engine and it is working great.

*** (UK)

These guys were easy to deal with and kept me informed with prompt responses to any questions. My new engine is running perfectly so I am happy and would recommend this company.

iLinde (UK)

Excellent service, great engine supplied.

Lucy Baker (UK)

Fantastic from start to finish, fantastic communication and help do not hesitate to use these guys

Janne L., (Sweden)

Thank you for excellent support and customer care! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your Company.

Csaba V., (Hungary)

The engine works good. It’s start easy with cold and warm engine too. The idle revs is stable. It looks perfect yet. Thank You.

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